God of War Collection - PS3 - v1.00Edit

Memory locations


Live data:

Memory Address Description                                                                  
539bf8 Gravity, 4 byte float (42 48 00 00 = default)
Difficulty Modifiers
539c04 Easy Damage Dealt Multiplier
539c08 Easy Damage Received Multiplier
539c0c Easy AI Recovery Multiplier (Higher = Longer recovery between attacks)
539c10 Normal Damage Dealt Multiplier (3F 80 00 00 = default)
539c14 Normal Armor Received Multiplier (3F 80 00 00 = default)
539c18 Normal AI Recovery Multiplier (3F 80 00 00 = default)
539c1c Hard Damage Dealt Multiplier
539c20 Hard Damage Received Multiplier
539c24 Hard AI Recovery Multiplier
539c28 Very Hard Damage Dealt Multiplier
539c2c Very Hard Damage Received Multiplier
539c30 Very Hard AI Recovery Multiplier
53aaf6 Tutorials viewed
53ab00 MP Remaining
53ab04 Rage Remaining
53ab08 MP Regen Speed (41 20 is default regen from MG tutorial)
53ab0c Red Orbs
53ab1a HP Extensions (0 = default, 4 = max
53ab1b MP Extensions (0 = none, 1 = 100, 5 = 200)
53ab22 Current spell
53ab26 Poseidon's Trident
53ab27 Unlocked Magics
7C = all, Binary (PR - MG - ZF - AoH - BoA - 0 - 0)
53ad47 Countdown to save menu (Still need to be in range of save point)

Button prompt to display on screen

0E - R2
0D - Analog Down
0C - Analog Left/right
0B - Tap R2
0A - Tap O
09 - Analog full counter clockwise circle
08 - Analog full clockwise circle
07 - Analog counter clockwise half circle, top to bottom
06 - Analog clockwise half circle, top to bottom
05 - Analog counter clockwise half circle, bottom to top
04 - Analog clockwise half circle, bottom to top
03 - Square
02 - O
01 - Triangle
00 - X
6d074c Controller input
6d0750 Controller input
6d077c Controller input
6d0780 Controller input
30a1ebf7 Poseidon's Rage level
30a1ebfb Medusa's Gaze level
30a1ebff Zeus' Fury level
30a1ec03 Army of Hades level
30a1ec07 Blade of Artemis level
30a1ec0B Blades of Chaos level
30a46d28 X co-ordinates
30a46d2c Height
30a46d30 Y co-ordinates
30a46dc4 Size
30a46dc8 Speed
30a46dd2 Swimming (0 = no, 1 = Surface treading, 2 = swimming)
30a46dd4 Current HP
30a46dd8 Max HP
30a47114 1st NPC HP
30a47454 2nd NPC HP
30a47794 3rd NPC HP
30a47ad4 4th NPC HP
30a47e14 5th NPC HP
30a48154 6th NPC HP
30a48494 7th NPC HP
30a487d4 8th NPC HP
30a48b14 9th NPC HP
30a48e54 10th NPC HP (10th+ only active for challenges)
30a49194 11th NPC HP
30a494d4 12th NPC HP
30a49814 13th NPC HP
30a49b54 14th NPC HP
30a49e94 15th NPC HP
30a4a1d4 16th NPC HP
30a4a514 17th NPC HP
30a70bd4 Ares size
30a70bd8 Ares speed modifier
30a70be4 Ares current HP
30a70be8 Ares max HP
31d0f2f4 Distance from save point (float)

Checkpoint data:

Memory Address Description                                                                    
54c848 WAD #1
54c88e X co-ordinates
54c892 Height
54c896 Y co-ordinates
54c8a0 Swimming (0 = no, 1 = Surface treading, 2 = swimming)
54c8b6 HP Remaining
54c8ba MP Remaining
54c8bf Rage Remaining
54c8c2 MP Regen Speed
54c8c6 Red Orbs
54c8d4 HP Extensions
54c8d5 MP Extensions
54c8d6 Poseidon's Rage level
54c8d7 Medusa's Gaze level
54c8d8 Zeus' Fury level
54c8d9 Army of Hades level
54c8da Blade of Artmeis level
54c8db Blades of Chaos level
54c8dc Last Magic Selected
54c8dd Gorgon Eyes
54c8de Phoenix Feathers
54c8df Muse Keys
54c8e0 Poseidon's Trident
54c8e1 Unlocked Magics
7C = all, Binary (PR - MG - ZF - AoH - BoA - 0 - 0)

Save data (Save and reload to take effect):
54cc66 - Costume
54cc67 - Difficulty
56083c - Save Checksum

Code modification:
Double jumps:
80C70 - 91280160
81B90 - 901e0160
8AB08 - 83c90000
8AB30 - 901d0160

Turn off damage:
5F8D4 - D0230164

When modifying the executable itself, -F700 from the above paragraph.